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Never Winter expanding or shrinking?

Date: 10/01/02 Subject: Never winter expanding or shrinking? Updated by: Riven
As avid NWN gurus I think it is important for us to look at every view and not be bias about the GREATEST GAME EVER MADE! Recently I picked up my favorite Computer magazine, Computer Gaming World (CGW) Within that magazine there is a section called letters, where readers write in with their comments about almost anything. I browsed past the usual complaints on William O'neal, who is a badass, and suddenly found myself confronted with the enemy. A non-believer if you will, a person who was not amazed and shocked by Never Winter Nights. This bastard *cough* I mean reader took a odd-ball stance and said that Never Winter Nights would fade and CGW's rating of 4.5(very good, Warcraft III only got a 4)was a joke. His other point was the games modle as a game built for BUILDERS saying that "if, the NWN team(Bioware) could not make a good mod how do they expect a bunch of unpaid unskilled players too?" -Retard. At first I was outraged and amazed at the balls he had writting to a bunch of nerds and destroying what they hold HOLY. Then I thought about it, maybe he has something here, so I did some research. I first looked at our situation and agreed that we ourselves were not far, but that is mostly due to my inactivity and that is only concerning our section of farath. I have seen totaly finished sections of amazing detail so I knew we were better off then most. I then went to Bioware and other NWN sites, I found out that 800 or more working mods have been produced by members of the community and a new mod is even being designed by BIOWARE called Witchwork. I then thought about the first part of his argument that Bioware did not produce a decent first mod. I thought about 60+ hours of gameplay and decent scripting. After seeing other scripts and playing farath mods I know there is better scripting out there and I know that they could of done better. But when I played through NW did I notice this? No, I did not I enjoyed my experience and I felt something better and I knew this game was great. So is NWN going to fade? Probably not, but it may shrink and I hope it does because I don't want a bunch of noobs like our retard mentioned above running around a game I love. Will NWN get better? Thats the only way it can go and I for one will be sticking to this gun no matter what. I wish I could give you that retards e-mail and have you all e-mail him with hate messages but I feel that would not represent a "BIAS" view, and we all know I was not bias this entire article. ;) E-mail me with your questions.

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