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New news?
Guild news!
8/12/02 I plan on using this section not only to show the history of our guild, but also to show the current histories of quests and to show LOGS of events within the guild. For instance the upcoming game between VOTF and BiA will have a log of events we will be posting those here. Also the results of any battles and the changes of diplomatic stances and the result of BiA projects. My hope is that this section will help people to learn about our guild and the events we normaly participate in. I am in need of someone willing to set down the time and organize this section quickly I can keep it updated from there or I can hand it over to whoever chooses the help me. I really need help on this one so PLEASE contact me, I just need someone to work with. -Riven

8/04/02 Hi guys, I am back to working on the site. I would like to thank Afrin and Duke Glen for putting in a lot of work while I was laying around on my back side. I hope now to be more useful and finsih up some sections and make a more appealing site for all. If anyone would like to help with current projects in the guild such as Akin, the Site, or guild diplomacy please contact me. Also in other more important news Aragon our valued Council member has left the BiA. I will not update members listings until a new council member has been chosen so expect to see his name thrown around here and there. Thanks for your time and Visit! Long Live The Brothers In Arms! -Riven

8/08/02 Today I updated the members section, Aragon has been removed and Jesail has been added sorry Jesail for not adding you sooner. I will attempt to finish other sections and move the site into a new and improved clean look. -Riven

8/10/02 Ok here is a Poem by: Jesail.

Chocolate cake you sound just great,
Even though I'm gaining weight.
Chocolate Cake you look so fine,
Even better than dessert wine.

Chocolate Cake we all love you,
We just need to remember to chew.
Chocolate Cake you are the best,
You blow away all of the rest.

Chocolate Cake.

8/11/02 Well today I have added and adjusted the site. I have focused my work on the various sections of the News page. Notices have been added and other area's are under construction as we speak. I have also posted a list of inactives on the members page. By the end of the month these people will be purged from the guild if they fail to check in with us in some manner. Thanks for your time. -Riven

8/12/02 We are now ending a period of a week long update I will clear this section of news and notices and move it to the history section to make room on the next update. I hope this pace of updates if satisfactory to all our members I would like to step up website production and make it very new age and productive I will be looking to make a intro. I like th idea because I saw it on VOTF's site and those guys always make a good site. Be sure to check out the link I will be adding below this post. Also I have added a notice about a possible up coming game with VOTF. There will also be posts and Mails sent to members by my fellow council member Longsack. I am going back to school tomorrow, so expect to only see me on toward the nights. Thanks guys, I'll see you online tomorrow. - Riven

u>8/15/02 As you can see this is now a new updateed section, all the other updates of news have been moved to the History section. At a later date I hope to organize it more. Also Glen and Afrin have been seen on the forums I expect they will start making updates and informing you guys on daily events. I have finaly goten into web design class and in a week we will begin work on our sites I hope to implement the Flash and Java script I learn here on the site. So, expect the entire layout to just up and change one day. Until then I will make several updates that will only be text and news updates don't expect many design changes. I don't want to finsih the site the way it is only to have to redo everything. I am sure you guys will all enjoy the fruits of this promising class, expect private member sections with a chat room. Special tickers and news information based on your prefrences and a feedback section that works. :) Well until next update I am out. -Riven

8/17/02 Today, I will be adding some news and whatever minor adjustments I can make or find. In other news, Nam now has Akin and I am sure he is hard at work. Also OHL has been spotted attempting to merge with Vb, that just goes to show you that they are only looking for the first hand to pluck htme out of the water, they are not concerned about BiA. Therefor I don't see a merge in sight for us. Activity has moved up a step, Matthew has finaly got NWN working. So it looks like hw will be back in full force. On the 20th the members still on the inactive list will be removed. I wish everyone a happy day, I'll be online most of it. -Riven

8/21/02 I have been updating the site and playing with dreamweaver, I will also be backing up the site again soon so it may be down for a second or two. Tomorrow I will update the Notice section be sure to check it after 6 pm est. It will contain news on updates with akin and the upcoming mock battle with VOTF. The members section has been updated inactives have been removed. I don't have much more news, I just thought I would let you know I still update the site, just waiting for the next big feature to add.

8/25/02 Today I updated the members section and added three new Guild members we now stand at a strong 18. However I may have to add a few more to the inactive list and send some activity mails out to get people back to the guild. I will be adding to the Notice section and give more information on our current statis as a guild. I will also give everyone a rank soon and have it on a Bar in the Rank section. Glen is helping the news section and the overall site so expect to see some updates from Glen. I will be clearing this news section and moving it to the history section so if you would like to see past news events check that area out. Until next time. -Riven

8/30/02 Our guild is STRONG we are a great guild! now that you get the dea I will go on with reporting the news. ;) We have gained 4 new member all of which have already proved themselves and with Jesial at the head of recuitment we are seeing more flow in. I have sent out a mail to al members if you did not recieve one please mail me and I will see what I can do. The PW is coming along nicely and a system of Ranks(a new one) may be in the works. This time with assigned tasks, and positions. A currency system for members is in the works and a price listings for items members can buy, up to and including houses. Liquid is sending out a news letter that i suggest you look at. It has a HUGE amount of NWN information. To sign up for the letter go to their forums and leave your e-mail under general discussion. I have scheduled this day for a general update so expect to se content changes. I can not chane the overall site until I learn more from my webdesign class. So until later -Riven

8/31/02 Guilds been shaping up nicely I must say. Our four new members, Gilthanor, Anduin, Callisto, and Sintek, are a welcome and celebrated addition to our group. I've been working a little harder lately, even though my english teacher doesn't want to agree. Oh well, on another note, Riven has sent out a call for those in guild who would like to work on Farath, and those who are interested are to choose 2 parts of Akin they would like to work on. Riven sent out a picture of the basic layout to everybody, and everybody should be able to download it, if not, email Riv until he gets it right. Tell me what you think of the scroll bar colors too, keep the blue and gold, or go back to the blue on blue? Let me know so I can change it back or make the rest like that. Thats about it for now, until next time. -Glen

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