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Farath News

Date: 9/30/02 Subject: Farath News Updated by: Riven
In farath news, I interviews Lis on our current status in the farath project, according to Lis: "The areas are mostly done. Well, beginning areas at least. Now most are working on NPCs and quests. For the most part all that is holding us up is scripting." Says key project leader Lis. No one knows the project better then Lis, outside Mika she has been a key figure in keeping Farath running smoothly. Lis went on to say, "Most of the beginning areas are done. The new core update is almost complete. The Farath1 Hak is done and I'm currently finding a host. Most of the action now is in building NPCs and scripting. We need everyone to work together and share through this process." Lis asks "Those who are good with scripting, please do contact Nahash as that is most of the current slowdown." Lis sounds confident and I feel that farath is growing and building in new ways it is only a matter of man power before we get this project off the ground. "The history has been updated with another update coming soon. As well as more factions to work with." Comments Lis, "All of this should start a flurish of activity and get Farath into its final stages. During these times we must keep in touch, share scripts or nifty ideas to help others in both the technical aspect of making npcs or scripts and the creative aspects. This is a team effort and everyone is need." States Lis. E-mail me with your questions.

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