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Failing to follow these rules will result in a warning, punishment, demotion of rank or even banishment from the guild and the guild world, depending on the penalty('s).

- All ideas must be proposed before and approved by the Guild Council before any implementation can begin;
- Guild colors (blue and yellow) must be warn at all times during battle in Neverwinter Nights
- Members must post on the message board, play ingame with the guild, or chat at least once a week in order to remain out of the inactive section;
- Fellow Guildmembers must be helped when asked, without question;
-No dual-guilding: period.


- Game cheats, with exception of the experience cap remover
- Acting as double agent
- Lying to any member of this guild or its allies at any time
- Giving any information to not-guild members

Rules may be changed by Guildmasters
at any time with notification of

Rules may be bend by Guildmasters
at any time for a certain time for a
specific individual when approved
by the Council.