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Council Members Riven, Longsack, Nam, Glen, and Whitehall
Representives Afrin and Gilthanor
Division Commanders Gilthanor and Drathir
Divisions Brotherhood, Gilthanor

House, Drathir
Brotherhood Jesail, Lachlin, Merin, and Torillion, and Xzar
House Afrin, Isaracht, Jens, Meliorist, and Xathala

The rank system has been put together by the council to provide a way to get jobs done within the guild in a quick manner and to increase activity. The divisions are not met to divide but rather unit in a fully functional fully active guild. We begin with only two divisions and hopefully we will work our way up to four. What follows is the Rank system and how it works, if you have any questions please e-mail me. *NOTE* This rank system is set up with the projected four divisions that we hope to work our way up to.

Rank List: From Highest to Lowest

  1. Council member

  2. Division Commander

  3. Represenitive of the Guild

  4. Member of Brotherhood

  5. Member of the House

  6. Member of the Tower

  7. Member of the Castle

Prefix list: From Highest to Lowest

  1. Wise - is a member who not only knows his division but another division as well he is skilled in all traits from both divisons. This person is a skilled and valued member.

  2. Master - A member who knows his division well and can be looked to for questions when a division commander is not present

  3. Strong - A member of some stature and reason valued and trusted with the will to conintue work above all else

  4. Apprentice - Everyone has to start somewhere.

  • Council member - Will be a leader of the guild and a decision maker on all things. The council runs the guild and keeps the Brothers in Safety. It will be their job to make our guild what it is and keep it that way. They are the most active members and are the best at what they do they are to be consulted in all matters, small or large.

  • Division Commander - Works to keep his division running smoothly, he will run a section on the website that deals with the members of his division and their current mission. All division commanders are leaders and well thought of. They use their talents to continue their respective divisions mission and are always listening to the ideas of their valued members.

  • Represenitive of the guild - Is one versed well in guild teachings and policies, this person travles far and wide to spred the news of the guild. His job is to act as an ambassador, and be a friend to all he meets. He also has the roll of recuiter, securing the future of this guild.

  • Member - A member is assigned to a division and should go where he feels he can do the most good all members are valued and their requests shape guild policy.

Overall Government and Rank system:

The ruling body within the guild is above all else its members! They are the goal of this guild and the foundation and should be treated as thus. However the body that makes all decisions according to what they think the members would want is the Council. This ruling body has proven themselves time and time again and have become Masters in all divisions thus giving them the experience they need to run the guild. A council member can only be elected by the entire council. Members can remove council members if one of the following two reasons are present and can be accounted.

  • Inactivity

  • Mistreatment of the members and the role of their position

If a council member falls into one of these then the members may take a vote of POWER. the Results will be presented to the council by the guardian and they will make the decision as final. The council member will then be given one of two options, Step down and become a member or leave the guild depending on his actions.

Council members are the heart of this guild. They are to be treated as such. And a ruling law of the council is to be followed by all members! Each council member is a leader and a valued member.

The Function of Rank:

Rank is a tricky thing, it can go to a mans head and make him no longer a man but a servent to his title. For this reason I have tried to keep things simple. A rank is more of a job then a privilige you only earn rank with hard work and dedication.

I think the first 5 Ranks have been explained I will simply combine all you already know in the overall system that ranks will apply to.

The BIA will be split into positions or divisions, each division will have a mission or missions to carry out and it will be their job to handle that function. The divisions are as follows:

  • Brotherhood

  • House

Each division listed will have a few jobs given to them by the council and that is their sole mission. I think the rest fits together and is understandable, please e-mail me with your questions.