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Welcome to the Brothers In Arm's Home page. We the BIA, are a guild dedicated to keeping our friendships alive as we roleplay throughout the many worlds of Neverwinter Nights, a recently released fantasy-based RPG from Bioware. We work to spread goodness and dispose of evil where ever it may lurk. We, as a guild, are based in the Persistant World(PW) of Farath. If your a representative from a guild and wish to establish the BIA as an ally, then email one of the four Council Members, their Emails are at the bottom of the page. If you are a wondering soul searching for a place to belong and wish to fight against evil and for the cause of good, then make your way over to our Join Page, then visit our forums and apply. If you are just a passer-by I ask that you consider the developing communities of the online world and realize they are a reflection of the world as a community and are not tied to the boundries of Creed, Country, or Race. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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Date:11/01/02 Subject:Webmaster Comments Updated by: Riven
Ok I fixed your problem to an extent, just remember to add ending Tags, besides all you had to do was REPLACE my text and just enter your own, because when you coppied and pasted you missed...the /table etc and also started a new table etc Just from now own take one of my tables and just edit the fields. ;) but at least you are trying to update. I can fix most of the problems you get into ;)****And you forgot to edit the date ;)
Date:10/12/02 Subject: Webmaster Comments Updated by: Riven
Well I changed the site back not that anyone would notice....But expect it to retrn some day maybe soon maybe distant its hard t tell. I don't thnk you guys are ready for an ongoing group project but rest assured one day it will be done and one day it will be awesome.

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