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The following are the guilds and guild sites the BIA has had contact with or at least visited most of these links were compilied by Belan.

Cult of the Unholy
Guild of Corruption
Order of The Red Eye
Shadow Bringers Guild
Shadow Network
Shadow Thieves
Spirit Lurkers
The Temple of the Dark Covenant
Celestial Dragon Monastry
Celestial Dragon's Fangs
Draconian Warriors Encyllium
Fangs of the Desert
Guardians of Faerun
Guardians of Helmgardt
Sacred Silver Blades
Hand of Torm
The Order of Holy Light
The Order of the Crimson Cross
The Soldiers of Light
Order of the Sacred Sword
Scarlet Robes
The Dragon Inn
The Dragon's Breath Forge
Arcadian Illuminati
Black Sun
Cult of Balance
Faradic Sword Brigade
The Sillyhood
Vanguard Elites
Wino's Wanderers
Army of Arcanek
Children of Shadows
Ehlonna's Archers
The Ancient Dragon Order